About us



"BookExpert" is the largest provider of "print-on-demand" services in the Western part of Romania, with over 18 years experience in editing and printing books. We are Oradea based, where we have two production facilities.

Because, from the very beginning, we wanted to be different, we believe that it is better to be specialized in something, rather than being a Jack-of-all-trades and because we always loved reading, we chose to edit and print books.

In our approach, we quickly understood that success in this field, what sets apart the players in the market, is the permanent bond with the latest technologies and a team of devoted professionals.

We are tireless, ambitious and accurate, we love chalanges and we are 100% involved in one purpose: seeing the clients totally satisfied.

We continuously try to offer the optimal solutions to your projects and to make highest-quality prints in the shortest time possible. For us, the delivery time of an order is one of our strengths, each order is as important as the previous one, all of our clients are treated with respect and undivided attention.

In our almost two decades of activity, through our company thousands of book titles have passed, our equipment has printed tens of thousands of sheets, so an impressive number of volumes made in our printing house has reached its readers.





  • Dafina Suciu
    I am very pleased that I have started working with Metropolis SRL (BookExpert). It is one of the top publishing houses I have ever worked with and I want to thank them for this. They are professionals in everything they do, pat, multi-sollutioned, they offer alternatives and they are very careful at honoring the orders before the deadlines expire and for the utmost importance: the quality. I recommend them with 100% trust. I want to thank to the whole team and especially to Mr. Horia Neag.
    Dafina Suciu
  • Daniela Rainov
    Excellent specialists, pat and their word is oak. The printings are superb.
    Daniela Rainov
  • Angela Tocilă
    The best publishing house I have ever worked with. It is amazing that there are people who deliver what they have promised, respecting deadlines and also the clients. It is obvious that I cannot overlook the quality of the finished product, whether it is a book, a poster or a business card, the quality exceeds the expectations. I recommend them with warmth and even enthusiasm, knowing perfectly well that they are professionals. I wish them well and a say big thank you!
    Angela Tocilă
  • Nina Tarchilă
    An irreproachable partnership, absolute, I mean absolute professionalism. I enjoyed every moment working together and I want to congratulate the whole team for their promptitude, understanding and well-manners. I highly recommend BookExpert.
    Nina Tarchilă
  • Lehel Pasztor
    Exceptional quality, promptitude. I highly recommend them!
    Lehel Pasztor
  • Theo Gușat
    Faultless, impeccable, without blemish. I LOVE how they print the grays, that it's grayscale, not halftone. Metropolis SRL (BookExpert) has a very well calibrated equipment and the know-how in conversion from one color-profile to another with no quality loss. The cuts are precise. They have made a cut even in 1 mm bleed. It is obvious that the team working there is passionate about its work, knowing how to use every single functionality on their expensive printer.
    Theo Gușat