We are tech-savvy

We are always in avant-garde and extremely overparticular when we choose our equipment, and for these reasons "BookExpert" has the equipment of the most awarded manufacturers on print-on-demand solutions: OCE for monochrome printing, HP Indigo for color printing, Horizon, Foliant and Polar-Mohr for the finishing touches.

The tech-flow at BookExpert intergrates only new equipment, bought since 2015.

What makes us stand out in the local printing market are the monochrome digital presses 35 x 50 cm, able to print variable data at speeds that top 320 pages/minute. This piece of hardware works on a unique technology, patented by OCE, which uses for printing a mono-composit toner that results in a high-quality image, no-gloss, similar to offset.

Due to a unique system in this industry, which allows re-moistering the sheets of paper after the print, the books printed by BookExpert are flat, the curling that occurs when printing with toner is reduced to a minimum. The 2-sided registration is perfect and it does not matter if offset paper is used or volumetrical or recycled. No time is lost on preparation or adjustment because there are none: right after checking the proof, the first copy of the book arrives in the broaching department after just a few minutes. Mostly, the process is automated, so the errors caused by the human factor are almost zero.


Thanks to our equipment HP Indigo 5900, printing with one, two or three colors is possible if the order is minimum 32 copies. The quality is the same with an offset print, the images do not have that ugly-glossy-look, specific to toner technologies. At demand, we can print in Pantone colors or we can emulate any Pantone color using Indicrome, a technology patented by HP themselves.

Of course, we can print polychromy on dark sublayers (colored cardboards massproduction), by applying a layer of white ink on the surface where the image is going to be printed.

Book broaching is made using an automatic Horizon equipment, with in-line creasing of the cover, using an EVA adhesive. The finishing touches of the books are made with an automatic Polar trimmer, for a perfect spine.


    The advantages of using these equipments and technologies are reflected in:

  • The quality of the prints:

    In the books printed by BookExpert you will always find sharp images, very fine shades of gray and perfectly made, full letters with a sharp contour and the consistency of the color from the first to the very last page of the book. The sheets of paper are printed in such a way that there are no ugly curls.

  • High speeds and print on short notice:

    We guarantee delivery in 72 hours for any order up to 300 copies. We can print 12 copies/minute at a size 145x210 mm, 160 pages in a copy. We are always connected to all of our clients and we deliver on time. In maximum 7 working days we can deliver any order.

  • Reducing the costs through small orders!

    Lately, the book market has changed totally: we saw how the number of printed copies of a book lowered, but the number of titles and orders, going to the roof. This trend had an impact on the most publishing houses which had to rethink their strategies in relationship with the demand. We, BookExpert, offer a long-term partnership to all publishing houses looking for the optimal solution and an efficient management of the editorial and typography costs.