The self-publishing is a special niche in the typography market, targeting independent authors who want to manage their own publishing activity and process, and at the same time without the representation of a publishing house.

An important step in the self publishing process is the actual printing of the books, which is preceded by a lot of pre-press operations: choosing the size, finding the right fonts/ layouts and arranging the text, creating the illustrations and retouching the images, the cover design and choosing the right number of copies that will be printed for the target audience.

We understand the competitive environment in which we operate and we know that it is not easy to publish a book, especially a good one.

For these reasons, whether you want professional advice or just some information, please contact us using the contact form on our site. We will always find time for writing you back and giving you the proper answer.


We, BookExpert, have the necessary knowledge and technical equipment to guide you through the entire editorial process. We do this professionally and with originality, our works speak for themselves. We have access to the newest and most complex apps in publishing, technical drawins and photo-editing, allowing us to help you in:

  • Layout
    Layout and photo retouching (we DO NOT check the spelling and grammar, thus we require the final version of the text, final-version-proofed)
  • Cover design
    It is a service offered FOR FREE at orders no less than 300 copies. For the works that do not reach that number, the design of the cover will be paid separately, taking into account the complexity of the project.
  • Creating the necessary charts, sketches, drawings and illustrations
    We can produce charts and sketches of any complexity. We can draw and redraw based on your own sketches and we can generate illustrations for children books. This type of services will be paid according to the complexity and the estimated workload in order to finish the project.
  • Assistance in obtaining the ISBN.